Bass Guitar, Vocals

Primary instrument, bass. Adam can play drums, guitar, and some keys, all learned by ear. Adam has written and recorded original music at home, nearly 3 albums worth. At the age of 8, Adam discovered that he could hear radio music in his head, and could find the notes on his older brother’s guitar. Without permission, he would take his brother's bass, and guitar and amp next door where his best friend would sneak out his father's drums. They would set up and play many songs heard on the radio, all by ear, (His brother is now Heart Love Alive's greatest fan, and makes every show).By the age of 15, he and his friend began a band, playing radio hits and covers, and soon began inviting friends from school over to hear them play. In the true garage band days, they would simply open the garage door facing out and the neighbors would soon arrive...and sometimes the police. By the age of 16/17 Adam realized that the simple cover music AC/DC, Rolling Stones etc. was too simple, and a bit boring, so he began to challenge more stimulating music like progressive rock 'Rush', and 'Yes'. Adam would sometimes spend a couple of weeks to memorize each note per 20 minute song. Major influences: Rush, Yes, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, 311, B-52's, Tool, and other alternative bands.


1 Mark Bass 2X10 600 watt tilt-back combo bass amp, with 1 extended 4X10 front ported bottom cabinet, 1 Sennheiser wireless system, 1 Music Man 5 string HH (double hum-bucking) Bongo bass, 1 Music Man 5 string HH Sting Ray bass, 2 Comfort Strapp pro bass guitar straps, Schaller locking bass guitar strap locks, 2 M80 MONO Vertigo Bass Case gig bags, 1 Sure Beta 57A mic, 1 Hercules tripod tilt mic stand, 1 Hercules Hercules DUO Guitar Stand,  Dunlop Marcus Miller round wound bass strings, and Dunlop Tortex 500 2.0 millimeter bass pics.

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