Drums & Vocals

Classically trained, Dale has played drums and percussion in a variety of musical situations. After graduating High School, Dale was a Drum Technician for a local Los Angeles band. While in that situation, he was introduced to another band that was seeking a drummer, joined his first rock and roll band, and never looked back. Dale played in several different bands during that period, and also performed studio recordings and a considerable amount of live gigs on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood and other venues throughout Southern California for several years.

Dale combines his vast musical experience to his love of Heart rock and roll music. Passionate about playing drums, Dale loves playing with like minded professional musicians to tribute the incredible style and dynamics of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band Heart to our audience.


Pearl Reference drums, Paiste 2002 cymbals, Axis Percussion pedals and hi-hat, Vic Firth drumsticks.

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