Lead Vocals

"HEART LOVE ALIVE" established itself in 2003 when L.A. based singer Patricia Morales wanted to pay tribute to one of her biggest musical inspirations to hit a stage, Heart. As changes started to come about within her band, Patricia felt more of a pressing conviction to go a step further. Stepping back, she took a long look at what she had built and where to take the band next. Morales, with a renewed vision and mission wanted to produce a band that aimed to bring back the basics of how these giant acts of the 70's like Heart played and grew organically into one of the most exciting rock acts in history. This is the perfect formula to capture what Heart was aiming for themselves, Whether it be Heart or Zepp tunes, HEART LOVE ALIVE found that tapping that inner groove separates them from the rest while creating that sound as if Heart truly stepped into he new millennium and time warped through HEART LOVE ALIVE.


Line 6 Cordless digital Mic, Shure Beta 58 wireless, Shure Beta 58 Mic, Mic Stand Cup Stand holder.

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